19 Apr 2016

10 minutes to spare? Try Meditation.


Whilst out feeding my chickens and ducks this morning, enjoying the first hint of spring, I was thinking about the meditation I have recently started to introduce to my clients and the benefits it brings.  Like many people I speak to about meditation, I used to think it was for the long haired, hippies amongst us, and certainly not something which would be taken seriously within the corporate environment!  This seems to be changing, however, and is now becoming more widely accepted and used as a means to focus the mind and bring inner calm and peace to professionals in the fast paced, sometimes rather de-humanised environments in which we now operate.

At the beginning of workshops, for example, meditation, in its various forms, is being used to get delegates to be “in the present”, enabling them to put aside the tactical issues they have brought with them into the session, allowing them to become ready to open up their minds to enable more creativity and allow them to be focused on the outcomes they need to achieve from their day’s work together.

Here are three easy steps taken from the book, Deep Meditation – Pathway to Personal Freedom by Yogani to get you started.

  1. Make sure you will not be disturbed for the next 10 – 20 minutes, find a seated position, comfortable, but no so much so that you are at risk of falling asleep!
  2. Close your eyes and gently introduce the Mantra “I AM” in your head, repeating it at any speed to suit you, it may vary – There is no need to say the Mantra out loud and it is not about the meaning of the words, it is more to do with the sound being generated – “AYAM” ….  The wonderful thing about saying this in your head is that you can do it on a plane, train, anywhere where you know you will be undisturbed for a period of time.
  3. If thoughts come and pervade your mantra, which they most likely will as the mind is a thought-generating machine, don’t worry, simply acknowledge them and then come back to the Mantra “AYAM” in a relaxed, unforced way as soon as you realise you have taken the pathway of your thoughts. After your 10 or 20 minutes have passed, come back to the present and spend 5 minutes relaxing  – then get on with your day.  Make a note of how your day goes and any changes you may feel so that you can measure the impact of your meditation.

The benefits I have found of making this part of my daily routine is that it definitely brings a feeling of calm and wellbeing and allows me to focus positively on the day ahead.

Try it? What have you got to lose?  I would love to know the impact is has on you.

Hand holding a dandelion with seeds blowing away

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